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Shaanxi cuisine

Shaanxi cuisine is derived from the native cooking styles of northwestern China. Shaanxi cuisine makes elaborate use of ordinary materials, and is best known for its pork and dishes. The flavor is strong and the taste is heavy. There is an emphasis on savory flavors such as salt, garlic, onion, and vinegar; sugar is seldom used. Cooking methods are mainly steaming, frying, and stir-frying. Due to its geographical location between the provinces of Shanxi and Sichuan, the taste of Shaanxi cuisine resulted in both sour and spicy, in addition to the salty taste. In comparison to other Chinese cuisines, noodles consisted of greater portion than rice, but in contrast to noodles of Beijing cuisine, and to a certain degree, Shanxi cuisine, the noodles of Shaanxi cuisine is nearly always wider, thicker, and longer.

The cuisine includes three regional styles:

* Northern Shaanxi style is characterized by the wide use of steaming as the method of cooking. The most common meat is pork, although lamb/mutton is also popular.

* Guanzhong style, the most popular of Shaanxi cuisines, uses pork and lamb/mutton equally with heavy flavors and tastes.

* Hanzhong style, similar to that of nearby Sichuan province, is characterized by its spicy taste.

Shaanxi Kylins

The Shaanxi Gaitianli Kylins or Shaanxi Gaitianli or Shaanxi Kylins are a basketball team in the North Division of the Chinese Basketball Association, based in Xi'an, Shaanxi. They are also known as Shaanxi Dongsheng Kylins or Shaanxi Dongsheng Gaitianli or Shaanxi Dongsheng Gaitianli Kylins .

Playing in China

The team was founded in November 2000 by Xi'an Dongsheng Group , and in August 2001 they won the "B" league championship and were promoted to the CBA.

A "" is a type of mythical Chinese creature.

In the 2004–2005 season, the Shaanxi Kylins finished in fifth place in the North Division, out of the playoffs. In 2005–2006, they finished sixth, again out of the playoffs.

Playing in the IBL

The team was scheduled to participate in the 2008 season of the International Basketball League. They were replaced by the Shanxi Zhongyu.

Shaanxi Chanba

Shaanxi Chanba is a club based at the Shanxi Stadium in Xi'an and playing in the Chinese Super League. Previously this club was Xi'an Chanba International or Inter Xian. Their Head Coach is Chen Yaodong. Chanba is the names of two local rivers in Xi'an, Chan River and .


Previouly owned by Shanghai Yungtay Engineering and COSCO Real Estate ,in 2007,the ownership was transferred to Baorong Investment.

The club was known as Inter Shanghai and played at the Shanghai Sports Center before moving to the city of Xi'an after the .

In the first Super League season, the team managed to finish a remarkable 2nd. However, ultimately, they could not compete with Shanghai Shenhua and in the 2005 season, they faced additional competition in Shanghai Zobon, so decided to move to Xi'an after months of speculation.


Name Changes

*1995-1998 Shanghai Pudong 上海浦东
*1999 Shanghai Pudong Whirlpool 上海浦东惠而浦
*2000 Pudong Lianyang 8848 浦东联洋8848
*2001-2003 Shanghai COSCO Huili 上海中远汇丽
*2003-2005 Inter Shanghai 上海国际
*2006-2007 Inter Xi'an Chanba 西安浐灞国际
moved to and were renamed
*2007 Shaanxi Baorong Chanba 陕西宝荣浐灞


*Yiji league champion
* Jia B champion 
* Jia A Runners-up

Current squad

''As of 2 April, 2008''

Famous previous players

* Nelson Cuevas
* Kwame Ayew
* Jiang Jin
* Qi Hong
* Shen Si
* Wu Chengying
* Fan Zhiyi

Politics of Shaanxi

The politics of Shaanxi Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Shaanxi is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Shaanxi. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor is considered to have less power than the Shaanxi Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary , colloquially termed the "Shaanxi CPC Party Chief"; since the Governor is always ranked as the First-Deputy Secretary in the Shaanxi Communist Party of China Provincial Committee.

Shaanxi was established as a provincial government since Qing Dynasty. In 10 January 1950, the People's Government of Shaanxi was established in Xi'an. Ma Minfang was then appointed as the first Governor of Shaanxi.

List of party chiefs

List of Governors

List of Chairmen of Shaanxi People's Congress

List of Chairmen of Shaanxi

#Ma Mingfang : 1949 - 1952
#Pan Zili : 1952 - 1955
#zhang Desheng : 1955-1960
#Fang Zhongru : 1960-1963
#Zhao Shouyi : 1963-1967
#Li Ruishan : 1977-1979
#Lv Jianren : 1979-1985
#Tan Weixu : 1985-1988
#Zhou Yaguang : 1988-1998
#An Qiyuan : 1998-2003
#Ai Peishan : 2003-2006
#Ma Zhongping : 2008-Present

List of prisons in Shaanxi

This is a list of prisons within Shaanxi province of the People's Republic of China.

* Baoji Prison
* Cuijiagou Prison
* Fuping Prison
* Huashan Prison
* Hancheng Prison
* Hanzhong Prison
* Hongshiyan Prison
* Huangling Prison
* Malan Prison
* Provincial Women's Prison
* Shangzhou Prison
* Tongchuan Prison
* Xi'an Prison
* Yan'an Prison
* Yanta Prison
* Zhuangli Prison

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List of laojiaos in Shaanxi

This is a list of laojiaos within Shaanxi province of the People's Republic of China.
A laojiao is a labor camp.

*Baoji Reeducation Through Labor - Baoping Rd., Baoji City
*Hanzhong Reeducation Through Labor - Hanzhong City
*Jinhe Reeducation Through Labor - Baoping Rd., Baoji City
*Luyang Reeducation Through Labor - Zhangqiao Town, Fuping County
*Provincial Reeducation Through Labor - Village No. 5, Mei County
*Provincial Women's Reeducation Through Labor - 6 Beixuanwu Rd., Fangxincun, Xi'an City
*Tongchuan Reeducation Through Labor - Tongchuan City
*Xianyang Reeducation Through Labor - Xianyang City
*Xinzhou Reeducation Through Labor - Unknown
*Xinxiang Reeducation Through Labor - Zhongxing Rd., Xi'an City
*Yan'an Reeducation Through Labor - Chengzigou Liulin village, Yan'an County
*Yulin Reeducation Through Labor - Yulin City
*Zaozihe Reeducation Through Labor - Dongjiahe Town, Fengxiang County, Baoji City

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List of administrative divisions of Shaanxi

Shaanxi, a of the People's Republic of China, is made up of the following :

* 10 prefecture-level divisions
** 9
** 1 sub-provincial city
* 107 county-level divisions
** 3 county-level cities
** 80
** 24 s
* 1745 township-level divisions
** 917 s
** 680 s
** 148 subdistricts

These administrative divisions are explained in greater detail at Political divisions of China. The following table lists only the prefecture-level and county-level divisions of Shaanxi.